A theological evaluation of the Enneagram

Many of you may have come across the Enneagram. This personality typing system has been adopted by many churches and Christian training facilities worldwide and especially amongst the younger generations.
I cannot express more strongly the importance of understanding why the Enneagram is a deception seeking to draw you and our young people into occult practises. It is exceedingly dangerous and so I asked qualified Theologian, Stuart McEwing, to do a full analysis.
Please take the time to educate yourself on why we need to stay clear of this system.
Follow the link to begin reading this four-part series. The three subsequent posts are linked at the end of the first article.
Part 1: Is the Enneagram Christian?
Part 2: Concerns with Christian Enneagram Teachers
Part 3: Can the Enneagram be Redeemed?
Part 4: Can adopting the Enneagram be Justified?
Brent Douglas